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Lsp Settings

vim.diagnostic.config({ settings })



Adding language sever protocol

you can add a new language by


then press i on the language you want to install

or add this in the config.lua

nvoid.lsp.installer.setup.ensure_installed = { "server name" }

by default nvoid ships with lua_ls

Setting up servers

vim.list_extend(nvoid.lsp.automatic_configuration.skipped_servers, { "server name"} )
require("server name").setup {settings}

Linters and Formatters

The easiest way is to reference the linter/formatter/code_actions by their names. See the null-ls docs for a full list of builtins with their names.

Installing linters and formatters

Using the :Mason command you install most formatters and linters

Setting formatters and linters

local formatters = require "nvoid.lsp.null-ls.formatters"
formatters.setup {
name = "formatter name"
args = "formatter args"
filetypes = "filetype"