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Leader Keys

You can change the leader for nvoid through

nvoid.leader = "space"

You can add, override, or disable leader commands with :

-- one bind mapping
nvoid.builtin.which_key.mappings["Key"] = { "<cmd><The command to run>", "Name" },

-- one bind group
nvoid.builtin.which_key.mappings["key"] = {
name = "+Name",
key = { "<cmd>Command<cr>", "Name" },

for example, lets add a keybinding to remove all search highloghts

nvoid.builtin.which_key.mappings["h"] = { "<cmd>nohlsearch<CR>", " No Highlight" }

Normal keys

You can add, override, or disable keybinds with :


for example, let's make a bind to select and copy all contents of a file

nvoid.keys.normal_mode["<C-a>"] = "gg<S-v>G y"