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Colorscheme / Transparency

Nvoid comes with 21 themes provided form nvoid-base16 which's based on Nvchad's base46.

You can change theme and toggle transparency with:

nvoid.ui.Colorscheme = "theme"
nvoid.ui.transparency = false -- true

also you can open Telescope themes by hitting leader f c to preview the themes.

  • If nvoid.ui.Colorscheme = "theme" in located in the your config.lua you can change it with Telescope.
  • Also if you enable the nvoid autoreload config function the theme change without needing to restart.


you can add your own highlights:

nvoid.ui.hl_add = {
hlname = {fg = "color", bg = "color"}

or you can override highlights:

nvoid.ui.hl_override = {
hlname = {fg = "color", bg = "color"}


Nvoid use it's own statusline with 3 styles (nvoid, minimal, evil) you can change them with: = "style"

or you can disable it with:

nvoid.ui.statusline.enabled = true -- False

or create your own styel with:

nvoid.ui.statusline.config = "%!v:lua.require('')"

you can find a custom style at my github.

Bufferline & winbar


  • The bufferline is disabled by default you can enable it with; = true


  • Winbar is enabled by default you can disable it with: = false

winbar uses navic which really slows up the config.