# Interface

# Colorschemes

  • Aquarium Aquarium scrot

  • Catppuccin Catppuccin scrot

  • Classic Dark Classic Dark scrot

  • Dracula Dracula scrot

  • Gruvbox Gruvbox scrot

  • Nightfox nightfox scrot

  • Nord Nord scrot

  • Onedark Onedark scrot

  • Radium Radium scrot

  • Solarized Solarized scrot

  • Tokyodark Tokyodark scrot

  • UWU UWU scrot

# UI

Every screenshot will be with the `Catppuccin` colorscheme

# Statusline (opens new window)

A Statusline written from scratch for Nvoid

nvoid ships with 3 styles:

  • Evil Evil scrot
  • Minimal Minimal scrot
  • Nvoid Nvoid scrot

You can changes the styles through the `nvoidrc.lua`

# Alpha (opens new window)

a lua powered greeter like vim-startify / dashboard-nvim Packer scrot

leader ;