# Features

Nvoid comes with many features you find in a modern IDE

# packer.nvim (opens new window)

Plugin manager written in lua Packer scrot

PackerStatus cmd

# LSP (opens new window)

Nvoid take's advantage of language server protocol (opens new window) which provides better completion and by using :LspInstall <language name> to add the language to nvoid.

# cmp (opens new window)

A completion engine plugin for neovim written in Lua. Completion sources are installed from external repositories and "sourced". Cmp scrot

# Rename

leader l r Rename scrot

# Telescope (opens new window)

A fuzzy finder written in lua Telescope scrot

leader f f

# nvim-tree.lua (opens new window)

A file explorer tree for neovim written in lua

Nvim Tree scrot

leader e

# Treesitter (opens new window)

Syntax highlighting engine Treesitter scrot left on right off